List of products by brand Studio Design

  • C5104

Classic, semi matte sheer tights with invisibly reinforced toe portion. No differentiated toe and brief portions as well as soft, flat seams make the Ada model ideal for the tight clothing, both for everyday and evening wear.

  • O4010

Sensuous stockings with a beautiful patterned top. Smart matte finish, sheer leg and invisibly reinforced toe portion for elegance.

  • G5953
How do Americans see Paris? We watched it closely while creating these delicate retro tights. We followed Adriana from ‘Midnight in Paris’ immersing in Belle Epoque in Musée des Arts Forains or at Maxim’s restaurant. As in the case of Maxim’s art nouveau interior, we gave style to every detail of our design: vintage barred pattern with little bows adorning your legs and a sophisticated panty portion. Et voilà! Patterned tights with a comfortable welt and a flat seam. Patterned toe portion and fancy panty portion. Cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. Produced in the 3D technology, from the highest quality covered yarns for increased durability and softness, as well as a perfect fit. 81% Poliamid 19%Elastan
  • C5113

Exclusive microfibre tights made from the highest quality yarns for increased durability and comfort.

  • O4059
You are a natural born seductress and you know a thousand of tricks to achieve what you desire. Allure hold-ups with a silver seam and fishnet lace top are one of them. You are going to look stunning! Sensuous hold-ups with a fishnet lace and a lurex seam. Made from single-covered elastane yarn for increased durability. 87% Poliamid, 12% Elastan, 1% Przędza metalizowana.
  • G1075
Patterned, transparent socks with a non-pressure band and an extra reinforced toe portion. Available in 2 colour versions - nude and rose. --- A fischsia welt that contrasts with subtle wild black pattern will catch an eye of everyone in the room. If you enjoy making an impression choose Amalia socks in total pink.
  • O4070
Love is in the air. Amante stockings send a tender message, clear-cut and at the same time sensuous as a whisper. A French lettering ‘Amour’ on the top of the thighs is underlined with a red rim. Paris, Verona… and which is the city where you say ‘I love you’? Double covered yarns increase durability and resilience, as well as guarantee a soft and smooth texture a ‘silky touch’ effect. This technology provides a feeling of comfort to your skin and increased elasticity for a perfect fit. 82% Poliamid, 14% Elastan, 4% Polipropylen.
  • G1048
History does repeat itself. Especially in fashion. Sheer blouses with frills straight from the palace chambers are trending right now. Model Ana is a subtle variation on this theme – sensuous socks with loose welt and a small black dot pattern on sheer background. So light as a feather can be! Fibre composition: 78% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 10% Polypropylene.
  • O4035

Sensuous patterned stockings with invisibly reinforced toe portion for elegance and covered elastane yarn for increased durability.

  • G1083
Patterned, transparent lurex socks with a non-pressure band and an invisibly reinforced toe portion. --- Anello socks are a quintessence of classic elegance. Transparent black combined with silver bands makes your office outfit shine.
  • A5003

White, stylish tights with a romantic floral motif on the garters and a decorative trim on the waist. The decorative elements are high enough that you can easily hide them underneath your skirt – if you want to. You can also choose to subtly lift the veil of secrecy. We named them Angel, because we think they are simply heavenly. ------ Patterned tights, imitating stockings, with a white pattern on a white background or black pattern on a black background. T-band tights with invisibly reinforced toe portions. Transparent, with a matte, elegant finish.